About Latham Plumbing, Inc. 

Beau Latham is a third-generation plumber and pipe fitter from Birmingham, Alabama. He started his career working for his uncle, who owns a pipefitting company. He installed pneumatic tube systems, like the ones in the drive-thru at banks but on a larger scale, in hospitals across the southeastern United States. He worked for his uncle for five years before deciding to join the apprenticeship program with Union Local 91, where his whole family is members. Since he traveled with his uncle, he was unable to join the program right out of high school. 

After joining the program, he learned a lot more in-depth learnings of the trade and was taught by some of the best plumbers and pipe fitters in the state of Alabama. He absorbed the information like a sponge and retained the knowledge, which allowed him to get where he is today. 

He has worked for industrial contractors that did work for Alabama Power at their steam plants, U.S. Steel in Fairfield, and U.S. Pipe in Bessemer. Beau has worked for commercial contractors that have worked with AT&T Data Centers, Wells Fargo Data Center, Alabama Power commercial buildings in downtown, St. Vincent’s Hospital, UAB Hospital and sports complex, and numerous other office buildings.

He wants to create the best plumbing and pipe fitting company in the state by selecting the best craftsman and eager-to-learn apprentices who want to be the best and hold them to it. 

We specialize in new construction, remodeling, and service plumbing for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We also specialize in any kind of mechanical piping, from cooling towers, boilers, chiller installs, retrofits, and changeouts.